MBE is a leading EPC Contractor in India with a team of over 1500 engineers providing ONE STOP solutions to clients covering:

  • Basic & Detail Engineering
  • Manufacturing of Key Equipment
  • Sourcing of Equipment
  • Project Management
  • Construction, Erection & Commissioning of Plants
  • Quality Assurance & Surveillance
  • Operations & Maintenance Services
  • Adapting state-of-the-art Technology from International sources in Indian projects

Project Management

Our Motto: Complete projects, on time, all times

Project management process starts with defining the project and assigning a unique project ID and Project team in ERP (Oracle) system after an order is received by the Company. Project milestones, plan and execution strategy are finalized based on project requirement and objectives which are further developed including preparing

  • Project execution plan in project scheduling software like MS Project and Primavera covering
    • Engineering plan and Document Control System
    • Ordering package & Procurement schedule
    • Area wise Construction plan
  • Cost budget - item wise cost budget is finalized and uploaded in ERP through Primaver
  • Revenue budget
  • Cash flow budget

Reviews of the above plans are done periodically by Project Management team. Primavera scheduling software is integrated with Oracle ERP and updates/revision of schedule and cost budget is uploaded from Primavera. All project construction sites are also connected to central ERP system through VPN/VSAT/ISDN and data is captured in ERP system real time.

Various project progress data is updated periodically. Project monitoring and control is through in-house developed MIS system in ERP. Project specific online dashboards and custom reports assist project managers and monitoring team to track, identify, monitor and control problem areas and issues.

Periodical reviews of the projects are done by top management to sort out critical issues and take strategic decisions for achieving project and Company objectives.

Design & Engineering

Engineering is the core strength of MBE and we consider engineering as one of the most important activity which ensures flawless execution of EPC projects as well as continuous development of the existing systems and equipment. The Engineering department is centralized to ensure proper utilization of the engineering manpower as well to enrich the vast knowledge and experience gathered over the years by sharing among designers with versatile perspectives. The engineering capability of MBE has become recognised due to following key factors:

  • Enriched in-house Engineering setup
  • R&D setup with Latest Software / Tools
  • Vast experience and knowledge pool for setting up large Plants across various Industries
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology through strategic alliance and collaboration
  • Closely associated with Reputed Design and R&D Organizations for critical analysis of developmental products/system
Design department

In-house Engineering and R&D Setup:

Our in-house engineering department is capable of carrying out both Basic & Detail Engineering of EPC projects starting from scratch. Sometimes, we even provide engineering support for developing the system parameters and criteria to satisfy the requirement of end users. Our Centralized engineering department has around 140 designers out of whom at least 50 are qualified graduate engineers from reputed Universities / Institutes of India. Engineering department consists of following disciplines:

  • Process & Mechanical
  • Piping & Utility
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation & Automation
  • Civil
  • Structural

During Project execution, MBE carries out the following key engineering activities

  • PFD
  • System Description
  • Mass & Water Balance (as required)
  • Plant Layout
  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagram
  • Equipment Selection & Sizing
  • BOM Generation
  • Detail Engineering
  • Control Logic Generation
  • Operation & Maintenance Manual

Material handling is our core strength and we have over a 100 material handling jobs executed with following facilities in India as well as in abroad -

  • Track hopper
  • Wagon Tippler & Side arm charger
  • Reclaim Hopper
  • Crushing & Screening System with various types of crushers and screens
  • Complete Conveying System with various types of conveyors indicated below -
    • Belt Conveyor
    • Pipe Conveyor
    • Roller Conveyor
    • Screw Conveyor
    • Air Slide Conveyor
  • Stacking & Reclaiming with various types of Stackers and Reclaimers
  • Complete Rapid Loading System for Rail and Road

MBE has made their presence felt greatly in Mineral Beneficiation Industries across the globe and the Engineering group is capable of providing complete solution starting from receiving ROM ore to tailing disposal, including -

  • Fine Crushing & Screening
  • Material Handling & Conveying
  • Storage and Reclaiming
  • Wet Grinding & Classification
  • Flotation / Leaching
  • Concentrate Thickening & Filtration
  • Tailing Thickening & Disposal

MBE has the capability of building a complete cement plant on EPC basis in joint partnership with technology suppliers. We have built 9000TPD “New Jamul Plant” for ACC, the only EPC project in Cement Industry of India. The entire plant, including material handling system, civil, structural, utility & electrical work were designed and detailed in-house. Our engineering capability in Cement Industries includes the following modules.

  • Limestone crushing system
  • Correctives crushing system
  • Raw material conveying system
  • Limestone & Correctives Storage system with application of various types of Yard equipment
  • Coal Handling System
  • Clinker handling & loading system
  • Entire Civil work for the plant including Silos & Hoppers, Pre heaters, Mill & Cooler buildings etc.
  • Entire Structural work for the plant including Storage sheds, Duct supports, Pipe & Cable racks etc.
  • Entire Electrical & Utility work required for the plant

Pneumatic Handling

MBE offers complete Pneumatic Conveying System from concept to commissioning for Cement, Ash, Process and Metallurgical plants for handling powder materials. Based on the application requirement the Pneumatic System comprises:

  • Pneumatic Air Slide;
  • Pneumatic Air Lift;
  • Transporter Vessels
  • Plug type Conveying
  • Vacuum Conveying
  • Storage Silos

Ash Handling

At the engineering stage following parameters are analyzed (by in-house developed software) to determine the optimum system -

  • Layout / Routing
  • Specific Air demand, System pressure;
  • Blower pressure
  • Power Requirement

MBE along with its subsidiary company – MBE EWB kft, Hungary, is one of the few companies in the world capable of providing all kinds of Ash handling technologies including:

  • Dense phase pressure system
  • Lean phase pressure system
  • Vacuum system
  • Hydraulic Ash removal
  • Mechanical Ash transport
  • Airslide + Airlift system
  • Silo technologies

Slurry & Liquid Handling

MBE has designed & installed slurry & liquid handling facilities in areas like Ash, Iron ore, Non-Ferrous Metals, Coal, Water etc.
Design Process includes among others:

  • Determining settling & critical velocity;
  • Process Flow Scheme;
  • Fluid handling & Distribution;
  • Selection of pipe size;
  • Selection & Sizing of pumping systems;
  • Preparation of complete BOQ;
  • Stress Analysis through software modeling

Coal Washery

MBE along with its subsidiary, MBE Coal & Minerals Technology India Ltd., are in a unique position to offer complete Coal washing solution for both coking & non-coking coal, starting from raw coal handling, washing to tailing disposal.
Some of the Salient feature of our technology: –

  • Separation,
  • Sorting,
  • Dewatering of washed coal

We are one of the few companies in the world to offer both Jigging and Heavy Media Technology for Coal washing.

Iron & Steel - Sinter Plant

MBE in consortium with TPE, Russia has executed a 400 m2 Sinter Plant with Dip-rail Circular Sinter Cooler at Vizag Steel Plant.
Critical equipment supplied:

  • Sinter Machine with Injection Furnace
  • Sinter Cooler
  • Mixing and Nodulising Units
  • Waste Gas Management System,
  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Gas Mixing Stations,
  • Sinter Storage
  • Crushing & Screening
  • Material Handling System
  • Electricals & Automation

Iron & Steel - By-Product Recovery Plant

MBE has set up a 50,000 m3 / hr Coke Oven Gas Cleaning Chemical By-Product Plant in collaboration with DMT, Germany. It involves mainly separation of By product Chemicals like Crude Tar, Naphthalene, Sulphur, Ammonium Sulphate etc. from Coke Oven Gas.
Critical equipment supplied include:

  • Primary Gas Cooler, Process Gas Cooler
  • Scrubbers for H2S, Napthalene, Ammonia
  • Stripper for Napthalene, Wash Oil,
  • Reactors for Catalytic Oven,
  • Condenser for Sulphur,
  • Process Gas Heaters
  • Gravel Filter
  • Deacidifier, Saturator
  • Chemical Pumps

Utility & Process Piping

MBE’s Engineering Capability includes Design of Complete Piping and Utility Services for various integrated plants, such as:

  • Pollution Control (Dust Extraction/Dust Suppression) System
  • Compressed Air System
  • Air conditioning & Ventilation System
  • HP & LP Steam piping
  • Water System
  • Fuel Oil Handling System
  • Fire Fighting, Detection & Alarm System

Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation

Our activities in Electrical & Automation covers the entire gamut of plant engineering, including:

  • Single Line Diagram
  • Relay Setting Calculation
  • Transformer Sizing
  • Motor Selection
  • Cable Sizing
  • Switchboard Relay Protection
  • VFD Selection
  • Cable Routing Network
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System
  • Plant Communication
  • Illumination System
  • Earthing & Lighting Protection
  • HT Switchyard up to 132KV
  • HT Switchboard up to 33KV
  • HT Transformer up to 30MVA
  • HT Motor up to 8.8MW
  • HT Cable up to 33KV
  • LT Motors
  • LT Cabling
  • Illumination
  • FDA & Telecommunication
  • Earthing & Lightning Protection
  • Automation Configuration
  • DCS & PLC Panel design
  • Instrument Selection
  • Instrument Cabling
  • Data Communication between various PLCs with DCS

Civil & Structural Engineering

One of MBE’s Major Strength Area lies in in-house Civil & Structural Design & Engineering capabilities -

  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Assessment of the Load
  • Modelling of the Structures
  • Critical Analysis & Verification
  • Element / Component Design
  • BOQ Preparation
  • Fabrication Drawing

The successful running of almost all the Plants (over 350) is a testimony of MBE’s Engineering Strength

Centre of Excellence

Since the inception of this Department comprising technically competent members selected from different Engineering disciplines have made significant advances in the field of Design Automation. The basic intention of Design Automation Projects is to achieve the following:-

  • Curtailment of Design / Drafting Time by 40-50%.
  • Reproducibility and uniformity of Design.
  • Lesser human intervention leading to lower Error Percentage.
  • 3D visualization of Plant and Machinery helps reduce Errors due to fouling.
  • Capturing Engineering working Knowledge & Experience in the form of dedicated software applications developed in-house to stop erosion of Knowhow over the years.
3D image of S K Mines Paste Fill Plant

Supply Chain Management

The Centralised Supply Chain Management Department staffed with over 50 experienced Purchase Managers, Vendor Relations Engineers and Quality Control Engineers ensure timely procurement and supply of right quality materials and equipment to various sites. In order to effectively follow-up with the vendors for equipment delivery on time, Supply Chain Management has stationed experienced Engineers at various Industrial hubs of the country.

Construction Infrastructure

MBE owns most of the major construction equipment that are located at various sites –

Civil - Hydraulic Piling Rigs, Excavators, Rock- Breakers, Dumpers, Compactors, Batching Plants, Transit Mixers, Concrete pumps, Total stations etc.

Structural & Mechanical - Tower cranes, Crawler cranes, Gantry Cranes, Hydras, Winches, Hydraulic Jacks, Diesel Gensets, Welding m/cs etc.

With nearly 1000 construction engineers (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation) posted at various project sites and large teams of workers and supervisors working in these locations at any given point in time, MBE is capable of taking up construction projects of any size.

MBE undertakes a wide range of civil construction activities that include simple jobs like the construction of boundary walls to building modern highways and specialized structures like silos, bunkers, tunnels, track hoppers, heavy machine foundations etc. MBE is capable of executing more than 400,000 cubic metres of concreting in a year in addition to driving cast in situ piles for more than 10000 numbers in a year through high capacity Rotary Rigs and conventional methods.

Structural fabrication

Be it fabrication of industrial buildings of more than 75 mts height or equipment structures of 90 mts height, MBE makes it all possible. MBE is capable of fabricating over 100,000 MT of steel in a year.

Silo at GAP Plant, Vedanta, Jharsuguda Project
Structural Fabrication, Stockhouse

Piping, Ducting & Utilities

With experience in completing process piping and utilities in more than 350 EPC projects MBE is capable of undertaking projects involving CS / SS/ AS / Aluminum / Copper / PVC / HDPE / RCC / PSC / AC / GI piping and ducting for Dust Extraction and Suppression systems, HVAC systems, Firefighting systems, Piping systems for slurry /water / reagent /steam lines, process piping of all industries e.g., Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers etc.

BPCL Mahul Pipework
Piping IISCO By Products

MBE is capable of fabrication and installation of more than 1.5 million Inch diameter of UNIT / OFFSITE Piping work in one year and more than 400 KM of Cross country pipeline in a year for various services.

Equipment Erection / Installation Works

With experience in completing more than 350 EPC projects, MBE is capable of handling and installing static and rotary equipment from below grade level to a height of 100 M using the most modern methods.

Crusher Singareni BOP
CW Pump BOP Satpura

Tankage Work

MBE with its expertise in the construction industry is capable of fabricating and installing medium to large size Floating Roof, Cone Roof, Dome Roof and Open Air Steel Storage tanks with an average output of 15000 Mt per year.

Storage Tanks, Ideal Energy
Storage Tank

Electrical & Instrumentation

MBE has the expertise to construct substations and switchyard control rooms, cabling, earthing, and lighting.

Control room.Ideal Power

Erection & Commissioning

The Goliath cranes standing 90 mts tall and 90 mts wide at Cochin shipyard and the 1750 MT, 700 Ltr. bucket wheel excavator at Neyveli Lignite Corp. stand testimony to the erection skills of MBE. MBE erects over 3000 MT of equipment in a year. Complete plants have been erected and commissioned in less than 3 months’ time from the time various equipment has been delivered at site.

300 Tonne Goliath Gantry Crane Erection at Cochin Shipyard