MBE's subsidiaries offer pioneering solutions in the field of manufacturing, infrastructure and coal & mineral beneficiation.

MBE Mineral Technologies Pte Ltd., Singapore

In 2009, MBE through its 100% subsidiary, MBE Mineral Technologies Pte Ltd in Singapore acquired the 155- year-old Coal & Mineral Technology (CMT) Division of KHD Humboldt Wedag.

In 2002, MBE acquired Eroterv Wagner – Biro (presently MBE EWB kft), one of the leading pneumatic conveying and ash handling solution providers of the world. Presently, MBE EWB kft is a 100% subsidiary of MBE Mineral Technologies Pte Ltd., Singapore.

MBE EWB Kft. – Hungary

A 100% subsidiary of MBE, MBE EWB kft. is one of the leading Pneumatic Conveying and Ash Handling solution providers in the world and has over 60 years of experience in Bottom Ash, Coarse Ash and Fly Ash Handling technologies.

MBE EWB kft. originated from Eroterv Power Plant Engineers, a company formed by the Hungarian government to set up power plants on turnkey basis in Hungary and elsewhere in Europe. The Ash Handling Division of Eroterv was formed in 1955. In 1990, Wagner Biro, Austria, one of the leading companies in Europe acquired 50% stake in the ash handling division and a new entity Eroterv Wagner-Biro Ltd. was created. By 2000, Wagner-Biro increased its stake to 90%. Subsequently, following a corporate decision to hive off the power plant manufacturing business, Wagner -Biro sought to divest its stake in EWB.

MBE had a collaboration agreement with EWB since 1997 for setting up ash handling systems in India. When the sale of EWB came up, MBE acquired the shares of EWB from Wagner Biro and thereafter the balance 10% from the government and today MBE EWB kft. is a 100% subsidiary of MBE.

MBE EWB kft. has executed over 100 plants of various types till date employing either the hydraulic wet system or pneumatic dry system. MBE EWB has built plants in Germany, Hungary, Austria, The Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

MBE EWB is a pioneer in the field of Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems and has built 40 such plants all over the world.

MBE EWB works closely with the Budapest Technical University on technology development and testing. A 30 TPH pilot plant is also installed at the University by MBE EWB Kft. to undertake tests on difficult material prior to designing the handling systems.

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MBE Coal & Minerals Technology GMBH (MBE-CMT)

With over 150 years of experience, MBE-CMT is a leading manufacturer of coal and mineral processing equipment, based in Cologne, Germany.

The company has delivered more than 2.000 machines to clients in South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, including Canada, some of them under the name “KHD Humboldt Wedag”.

Through continuous research and development MBE - CMT strive for product excellence and market leadership. The company builds high-quality machines and closely follow the strictest German engineering standards.

The company offers project and detail planning as well as components for complete plants and systems that can be integrated into existing plants in the form of add-ons, upgrades or modifications. Additionally, the company offers automation and monitoring kits and processing equipment.

All of this is complemented by engineering services: Feasibility studies, sample analyses at the R&D center, installation and commissioning as well as dedicated customer service.

MBE Coal & Minerals Technology GMBH currently delivers equipment and engineering support in all continents through offices in Brazil, South Africa, India, Indonesia, China and Russia and is represented in a range of other countries, from Chile and Perú to Turkey, Mongolia and Australia.

The current portfolio includes:

JONES®WHIMS, PNEUFLOT®PNEUMATIC FLOTATION, BATAC®JIG, PERMOS®MIMS, ROOLLSTAR®ROLLER PRESS, PALLA®MILL, CALIBRATOR®CONE CRUSHER and other equipment such as vibrating screens, engineering and construction of complete plant sections.

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